Announcing the launch of VC version 1.1

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today we are happy to announce the launch of the new version v1.1 of, which has many improvements and new features.

The most important of these, is the 'Restore Case Notes' feature which gives you the option to 'go back in time' and revert to an earlier version of your Case Notes. Specifically, VC stores the Case Notes of the last 3 times (sessions) you worked on a specific case. Additionally, it stores up to 10 revisions of your current VC session, saved at intervals of up to 2 minutes. By clicking the Restore Case Notes icon (found in the Case Notes editor toolbar, next to the 'Templates' icon), you are presented with the list of available revisions, where you can then select one, review its contents and if needed restore it. This will replace any content currently entered in your Case Notes with the content of the selected revision.

Another important enhancement is that now you can view the results of a previous consultation without having to click repeatedly the 'Solve' button. This means that no additional credits will be consumed for viewing a past solution. However it's important to note that this only applies when no changes have been made to an analysis. Adding or deleting symptoms as well as changing a symptom's degree will require a new solution and one usage credit will be normally charged. In order to view a previous solution, you may click the 'Results' button that appears instead of the 'Solve' button.