Exciting news from VithoulkasCompass.com!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Today we’re happy to account another update of VithoulkasCompass. We here at VC, were hard at work all summer in order to add important and requested new features and enhancements to VC. Several minor issues have also been fixed, bringing more speed and stability to the system.

The list of changes is rather long, but here are the most important updates:

  • Contact Lists: You can now create lists of your contacts, a very useful feature for homeopathic teachers in order to send cases or messages to groups of students at once! To set up your contact lists now go to the My Preferences/Contact Lists page in the My Compass section.
  • Personal Messaging: Messaging between users has been added to VC and in combination with the ‘Contact Lists’ feature you can send messages to either a single user or to a whole list.
  • Print Prescription: A much requested feature. After setting your print preferences, you can now directly print your prescriptions, in order to easily hand them out to your patients.
  • Subfolders: You can now create subfolders for even better filling in the My Cases section. Just click on the ‘parent’ folder and then ‘Create folder’. A new subfolder will be created under it.
  • Account backup functionality: Now you can export all of your account data with just a couple of clicks. Found under My Account in the My Compass section, just click on ‘Backup’ and then ‘Request Backup’.

The list of improvements goes on – we’ve made improvements all through the application and rest assured that we will not stop here. In a few weeks expect new updates: we will release a ground-breaking Acute Pathology module, updated Repertory and even more exciting features and improvements!