Safeguarding homeopathic remedies in France

Friday, January 18, 2013

The disappearance of 75% of homeopathic remedies compromises the health of our citizens. We ask you to DEMAND with great URGENCY the authorization for every necessary homeopathic preparatory entitled on French territory, to deliver free of charge, the authorization that all the homeopathic stocks globally recognized are made available on the market, from the Hahnemannian twelfth centesimal dilution including the old stocks, as well as the possibility of making isopathic preparations from biological samples. The safety of these dilutions is unquestionable (Principle associated with the number of Avogadro). This application fully complies with the principles of biomedical ethics that are taught in our universities. (The full text of the petition is available here:

Grandgeorge Dr. D, Dr. JM ALEXIS Chaboussou Dr H, Dr V GAUDFERNAU, Dr C LEURELE, Dr P GOUZON, I ROSSI, Dr F REROLLE, Dr. E Broussalian