Archibel SA collaborates with Choes Ltd to promote Vithoulkas Compass.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Vithoulkas Compass,, the new evidence-based expert system for classical homeopaths, is being enthusiastically received by the homeopathic community. And this is happening for several very good reasons, the main of which is that it seems to hold its promise of raising the success rate of homeopaths to a new level. The hundreds of testimonials on VC's site are a testament to this and to the quality of the work which went into this project.

Choes Ltd, makers of Vithoulkas Compass, announces a joint marketing campaign with Archibel SA, makers of the Synthesis repertory and the Radar and Radar Opus lines of PC based homeopathy software. The two companies signed an Agreement aiming at promoting VithoulkasCompass to all users of Archibel products present or past.

Mr. Kyriakos Xagoraris, Managing Director of Choes Ltd commented that "the fact that Archibel SA, a leader and pioneer in the field, with a presence of more than 20 years, and the largest market share of homeopathic software, endorses VithoulkasCompass as the best internet companion to their own line of products is yet another testament of the quality of our product and the invaluable help it can provide to homeopaths who now only need an internet connection to tap into our breakthrough expert system at any time, even from their mobile phone.

VithoulkasCompass represents not only an expert system developed from the ground up for maximum accuracy, constantly benchmarked against thousands of real world cured cases, but also a platform that we believe can substantially help elevate the level of homeopathic practice while supporting the development of homeopathy in these difficult times."

Mr. Kim Elia, Director of Sales for Archibel SA in North America, and a prominent figure of the homeopathy community, stated that "Archibel was the first company to implement a homeopathy expert system and offer an extensive line of PC-based products for this market. We chose VithoukasCompass as the perfect internet-based companion to our own product line as we believe it is by far the best offering to our clients who would also like having the flexibility and convenience of an internet based product accessible from anywhere, anytime along our own PC-based products. Next month we will start presenting a series of webinars "Introducing VithoulkasCompass for Radar and Radar Opus users" in order to further introduce VC to our users. We also actively implement a series of other promotional activities to communicate this choice. More in our web site:

The two companies remain committed in serving homeopathy and the community.