Important Vithoulkas Compass upgrade! Version 1.9

Monday, December 15, 2014

New Exciting features for Vithoulkas Compass!

  • An online Dictionary, Translation and Reference tool for the Repertory
  • Improved Repertory Search function
  • Newly Optimized and Faster Expert System Brain and Differential Analysis
  • Multitasking Operation
  • Global case search

The VC development team is continuously researching the conditions and possible requirements for consistent results in homeopathic practice. This guiding principle, along with the commitment in assisting homeopaths of every level of experience in becoming better and being increasingly productive and sharp every single day of their practice, is the source of our motivation and relentless work.

We are happy to announce that as of today VC includes:

An online Dictionary, Translation and Reference tool for the Repertory

Never be frustrated with Repertory terms and wording!

Access the internet's finest dictionaries and translation facilities and quickly clarify your knowledge of the repertory!

Find terms of the repertory in the VC Materia Medica books and George Vithoulkas Notes or your personal remedy notes!

Find any repertory word in the George Vithoulkas books online search tool!

The VC Dictionary, Translation and Reference tool is very simple to use. Click on the button left of any rubric to display the remedies and the just click on the "i" icon next to the rubric text. Then click on the required dictionary or resource and select the term or terms (for the Materia Medica and GV book search). So simple and yet so effective!

Improved Repertory Search function

Find the most commonly required and most useful rubrics much more easily!

Now using statistical rules to improve the results.

Non-English synonyms of Repertory terms added!

The updated search functionality also brings the powerful synonyms search feature to all repertory languages. Supported only in English up until now, users of non-English repertories are now assisted greatly when searching for rubrics by receiving results containing synonyms or close matches to the search terms used.

New, Better and Faster Expert System Brain and Differential Analysis

A new version of our expert system, optimized for results and faster operation!

Multitasking Operation

Use VC in multiple Windows! Have the Repertory constantly open while you work on cases, work on 2 or more cases simultaneously, check your incoming cases, case histories or messages without disrupting your work.

Global case search

Users can now search for cases in all case folders at once.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing a major repertory upgrade for which we are particularly excited, as it includes new data from classical references, substantial input from the IACH materials and case archives, and of course user suggestions which have been studied and confirmed by our team and George Vithoulkas.

We hope that you enjoy the new features and we will be very happy to receive your feedback and suggestions. Also please contact us for more information and any required assistance.