Extra Usage Credits

All our subscription plans already include a number of usage credits.

In case you require more usage credits than the ones included in your subscription plan, you may purchase extra credit packages.

Usage credits alone do not provide access to the service and need to be used with a subscription.

24% VAT will be added to all above prices where applicable (EU citizens not listed in VIES and users from Greece)

Experience from an extensive testing period has shown that in order to analyze a typical case, with a combination of Solve and Differential or Specific Remedy Analysis functions, 2-7 credits are generally used. Along these lines, one can realize the low cost per consultation and the corresponding high value provided by our system.

How to purchase Extra Usage Credits:

Payment of subscription plans and usage credit packages can be made from within the application. Just login to your account and go to
My Compass → My Account → Purchase

About Usage credits

Usage credits are required in order to use our expert system functions Solve, Differential / Differential + and Specific Remedy Analysis. Each one of these actions consumes 1 (one) credit.

If you consume all your credits, but still have an active subscription you can still access all VC functionality except of the expert system functions.

All usage credits expire 18 months after they have been activated in the account, unless the subscription is renewed within this period. If the user extends his/her subscription within 6 months of expiration, all unused credits are transferred into his/her new subscription. Please note that credits included in the Unlimited subscription plan cannot be transferred to any other subscription plan.