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VC does not require a costly investment from the user.
You can register on VC, try it out for free and then purchase a subscription for any desired period.

The VC Pricing Model is designed to cater for the needs of all types of users, from students to busy professionals. There are 4 different subscription plans according to the amount of expert system usage needed.

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Students of Homeopathy are recommended to consider the Frequent Plan, at special student pricing.

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Lighter usage

In case your usage proves to be lighter than anticipated please note that in VC no usage credit is lost. At the end of the subscription all unused credits stay in the user's account. After the end of your subscription you can continue with a lighter plan.

Extra usage credits

In case your usage proves to be heavier than anticipated you can economically purchase extra usage credits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most common questions.

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Every subscription plan provides unlimited full access to:

The VC application for 1, 3, 6, or 12-month period.
All VC functions, except the expert system functions for which credits are needed.
Full access to all new updated and new developments on the VC application.
Full access to training material and constantly updated resources.
Ongoing dedicated Customer Support.
To ensure that users enjoy maximum flexibility in VC usage, the system stores all users' data and remaining usage credits for a long period after the end of a subscription.