Invitation for submission of Quality Case Reports

We are very happy to announce that for the first time, the 74th LMHI -2019 in Sorrento, Italy, 25th to 28th of September, will be introducing a Session on improving the Quality of Clinical Case Reporting in their program.

Your active participation will be extremely valuable and we would be honored if you would accept our invitation to participate in the collection of high Quality Clinical Case Reports.

We are inviting you to share and submit one of your existing particularly interesting Clinical Cases you have on record for possible presentation at the 74th LMHI 2019.

The main consideration is that the case will be of interest to your colleagues, i.e. from an educational or a research perspective.

Further development of Vithoulkas Compass will benefit from analysing high quality case material. For this reason, we are actively supporting the LMHI 2019, facilitating the submission of Case Reports by repertorising the case in your VC account and then using our “Send” function in Vithoulkas Compass to send it to the “LIGA2019” user account.

To this effect, we will be delighted to offer ALL our participants/users 50 credits.

The parallel session on Clinical Case Reporting at the LMHI 2019 aims to share interesting clinical cases, to illustrate the hallmarks of high Quality Clinical Case Reports, as well as explain how we can further improve Homeopathy based on clinical case material.

We believe that your contribution to this Conference session will be beneficial for your colleagues who can learn from your work and experience as a homeopath. Apart from that, you will of course benefit yourself from the feedback received on your work.

We therefore wholeheartedly would like to invite all users to join this effort as a participant and offer extra 300 credits to all participants who will submit at least 1 case.

The cases will be evaluated by an independent Scientific Committee and the participants with the best 2 cases will have the opportunity to present these cases during the Conference.

As a reward to the participants with the best 2 cases, both the Registration Fees for LMHI 2019 and a 12-month Unlimited Subscription Plan will be donated by Vithoulkas Compass.

Furthermore, the participants who will submit the first 10 cases will receive a 6-month Unlimited Subscription Plan.

In order to facilitate your submission, you will find a Template with detailed guidelines, titled: “LMHI 2019 Clinical Case Report Submission Form” in Case Notes’ Templates in the VC application.

Therefore, if you have a good quality Case recorded, please consider submitting it and participating in this important study.

For further inquiries, please contact