COVID-19 Cases Collection

Whilst, as homeopaths, we should not claim that homeopathy cures COVID-19 infections, the collection of high quality case reports is now more important than ever.

Vithoulkas Compass is participating in this effort by offering its online platform for COVID-19 cases collection. For this reason, we wholeheartedly invite you to join this effort. This initiative was launched based on the ongoing case collection project in connection with the LMHI.

The LMHI congress in Turkey was recently postponed until 2021. However, the collection of high quality COVID-19 case reports is at this time more important than ever, so please send us your COVID-19 cases through Vithoulkas Compass, to user: lmhi2020 using the appropriate template in Case Notes.

Those of you who do not have an active VC account can contact us for information on how to send us your cases and on how to re-activate your account free.

Alternatively, you can send cases by email to lmhi2020@vithoulkascompass.com using the template in Microsoft Word that you will find at https://www.vithoulkascompass.com/en/Homeopathy/LMHI2020

The LMHI is coordinating the central collection of all reported COVID-19 cases from throughout the world. These data are continuously analyzed by an international panel of Experts.

Sharing your valuable experience will help us understand and define the role of homeopathy in the COVID-19 pandemic!

For any inquiries, please contact lmhi2020@vithoulkascompass.com.

LMHI COVID-19 Clinical Case Report Submission Form

LMHI COVID-19 Clinical Case Collection Useful Documents