Dynamic Repertory Metadata is now available on VC

Thursday, May 21, 2015
Go deeper and finer than the repertory.

A new and very important feature of the Version 2.0 is the inclusion of the Dynamic Repertory Metadata, for which the VithoulkasCompass team of homeopaths and researchers have been working   during past years to bring forward valuable information to the whole homeopathic community. 

As a user of the VithoulkasCompass, you can now work with fine knowledge while repertorizing, using information never before available in such a practical and organized way.

Differentiate remedies according to fine nuances, ‘flavors’ and subtle behaviours. This information, normally requiring decades of experience to master and in many cases hard to reference and remember, automatically becomes available when needed within the VC results page, whenever the Metadata special icon is being displayed.

The VithoulkasCompass team will continually update the available Metadata, part of our committed ongoing process of assisting the homeopathic community.  You can also propose the addition of specific metadata by using the new tools for effortless input of data by users, and get rewarded with extra  subscription time or usage credits.