Vithoulkas Compass Landmark 10 years Anniversary Update

Friday, December 18, 2020

Dear VC users and friends of homeopathy,

This important VC update marks an anniversary for the VithoulkasCompass project:
10 years of work to produce the finest homeopathy software for the future of this unique practice.
The goal from the beginning was to start from the principles and bring forward what really works in homeopathy.  To assist practitioners in their most important task, to locate the correct remedy and produce  real positive results in the health of their clients.
With this historic update we are providing for the first time large scale statistical data from VC user community.
It is one more step towards a more reliable and more evidence-based model of homeopathic practice and we are confident it will significantly support all homeopaths in their usage of the Repertory

A historic update for VC

The first ever application of large scale statistical analysis on the homeopathic Repertory.
VithoulkasCompass now includes 3 different and very useful versions of its acclaimed Repertory!  Each one with a different confirmation level.

The already highly confirmed, low noise, VC Repertory has been supplemented by 2 more versions of it, which have been the product of the analysis of more than 1 million case analyses in the last 10 years of VC operation.

The confirmation analysis has taken into account reported outcomes of prescriptions after using important criteria to select the most reliable reports.  It must be noted that reported outcomes do not constitute scientifically valid evidence.

Homeopathic practice has always been based on the usage of collective empirical evidence and the new Repertory versions, along these lines, with the usage of technology and the internet, bring to VC users, analysed and 'distilled', this empirical evidence. 

The first new version, C+, includes the rubrics which have been used and have been reported to contribute to at least one positive reported case outcome in the past. It does not include unused rubrics and rubrics which have never been reported to contribute to a positive case outcome in the last 10 years.

The second new repertory version, C++, is a more filtered version of the VC repertory which includes only rubrics which have repeatedly been reported to positively contribute to case outcomes. It is certainly one of the most confirmed repertories available today and the first of its kind. It is small, with approx. 7500 rubrics, but it includes all the rubrics which have been shown to be clearly valuable in homeopathic practice. 

These 2 new sub-repertories have been assessed by experienced homeopaths and have been found to be an excellent tool for case analysis and the selection of the rubrics on which cases are based. 

They can be momentarily selected with one mouse click or keyboard shortcut.  In addition, the status of every rubric in the full VC Repertory can be displayed, so that C+ and C++ rubrics can be easily located. 

For the VC team the C+/C++ project is a historical milestone, after 10 years of operation, to bring forward the product of a very important amount of work based on the vision which started Vithoulkas Compass. It is also a testament to the vision of George Vithoulkas, who is the foremost proponent of basing homeopathic practice on reliable, confirmed data.

We hope it signals the beginning of a new era in homeopathy. 

Search Analysis - A unique tool assisting in locating the required remedy

Instantly produce remedy analysis for any Repertory search!  See clearly the rubrics that stand out and compare remedies which could be ideal candidates

Now any search results can be analysed to display the prevalent remedies of the search theme, their keynote symptoms, rubrics in which these remedies are prominent and all other rubrics which include these remedies.  It is effectively a digital algorithmic brain very similar to the VC case analysis brain. 

The study of homeopathic practice and the cooperation with a large number of experienced practitioners has resulted in the development of this unique tool which provides a much deeper insight when searching for the suitable remedy.  The user can search for any Repertory term, such as 'anxiety', 'abdomen distention', 'seaside' and then quickly perform an analysis which will display all related remedies in the order of their importance for these themes.

Since the early testing of this feature users were very enthusiastic with the value of the Search Analysis.
It is one more first for VC and our vision of continuous research and innovation to serve the homeopathic community. 

New Repertory version 6

The new VC Repertory version now includes 7400 new additions and corrections. Our team performs daily additions after careful analysis of sources and the consultation of experienced homeopaths and George Vithoulkas. After more than 10 years and 100s of thousands of additions and corrections, the VC Repertory has become the defacto standard for a large community of homeopaths who value reliability and quality.  

 We would like to thank for their trust everyone who during the last 10 years came closer to VC. 

The VC team will continue with the same passion to support the practice of every homeopath.  

We hope that you enjoy the new version and as always we welcome your feedback and suggestions. 


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