INTRODUCING VithoulkasCompass Version 5.0

Friday, November 29, 2019
One more step towards excellence!

After more than a decade in development VC constantly evolves based on continuous R&D and valuable input by a growing enthusiastic user community.

Its main advantage, the unique support in remedy selection for a case, has helped thousands of homeopaths achieve a new level of clarity and confidence in casetaking and prescribing.
VC has now been upgraded in virtually every aspect offering a unique scientifically developed toolbox to serve you in your practice. 

The new Version 5.0 includes the following improvements:

  • Single page operation, simplifying the workflow, especially on mobile platforms

    VC 5.0 does not open new tabs for the Repertory, Materia Medica etc. except if the user chooses to.
  • Operating VC is now very smooth and stable in all fixed (PC, Mac) and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, tablets and smartphones)
  • Faster operation throughout the application, through optimization and usage of the latest software technologies.
  • All VC unique functions, including Solution, Differential Analysis, Specific Remedy Analysis, Case Management and Repertory Search, are now faster, enabling more productivity, especially when the analysis takes place during the consultation.
  • Upgraded repertory search functions
    The acclaimed VC Search functions now include a clearer grouping of results, to facilitate the location of required rubrics, and the inclusion of a rubric Clipboard, to place rubrics for further analysis and consideration for a case.
  • New Repertory, Metadata and Materia Medica content

    The VC Repertory has been refined for more than a decade. Now, after more than 800,000 patient analyses and millions of searches and rubric selections, the refinements, corrections and additions are more effective and focused in order to produce the most reliable and confirmed repertory with the lowest possible 'noise'.

Our team is working on the repertory using feedback from an extensive experts user group and from the whole VC user community, as well as the results of big data analysis of successful outcomes, a procedure which is only possible within the VC development system.

The result of this continuous daily work is supplemented with very useful Metadata information about rubrics and the comparison of remedies.

This information pool is many times crucial when comparing remedies and includes readily available 'subtle' information, from the masters of homeopathy, which is not easily found elsewhere or remembered.

A host of other improvements:
Hundreds of small improvements in all aspects of VC, the user interface, database functions, network optimisation, user generated content functions and others, result in very stable operation and efficient workflow.

For our users, we are confident that VC version 5.0 will first bring a smile and then even more reassurance and better results.

For our past users, as well as anyone looking for the most advanced toolbox to practice successful homeopathy, VC is open for a free trial. We suggest that, after a familiarization which should not take more than a couple of hours, you proceed to analyse your unsolved and complex cases and experience the versatility and confidence offered by VC.

We would also like to point out that  VC includes many unique features to assist you, like the VCAcute Pathology Expert System, a special 'brain' to propose symptoms which help get closer to the required remedy, the most advanced remedy analysis and remedy comparison tool and, last but not least, the most flexible patient management system, to store securely and easily retrieve case histories, notes, consultations and prescriptions.

VithoulkasCompass is the prime tool to experience the effectiveness of a sound homeopathic practice.

Be part of the revolution of evidence-based homeopathy.
Embrace success and reach your full potential!