New VC Version 2.1!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The most advanced and practical homeopathic software keeps becoming better!

We are really happy to announce that VC Version 2.1 is now online!

Now be even more productive, precise and better supported in your practice using the most advanced technology and the backing of extensive scientific research in helping you achieve the best results.

The continuous R&D work of our team has produced one more very important upgrade to our system. 
Version 2.1 incorporates improvements and innovations some of which for the first time appear in homeopathic software!

The most important developments in the new version are:

Synapse Workflow

A revolution for the beginner,
A powerful tool for the expert.

Vithoulkas Compass Synapse Workflow: The new smart way to repertorise!

Work with the repertory more intuitively and more productively.

The Synapse Workflow is based around the concept of Themes when taking a case, which represent questions to the patient, and areas the homeopath concentrates on during repertorisation.
Using themes the Repertory is effectively organised in a new more meaningful way, and the selection of the rubrics becomes easier, more reliable, and more focused.

With just a couple of clicks create a custom repertorisation template for every case and immediately start checking the case symptoms.

The Synapse Workflow makes all relevant questions to the patient readily available, for the simple or the more complex of cases. For every one of these questions the homeopath is presented with the most important possible rubrics and, with one click, all the possible answers to this question. At any moment the user can instantaneously switch between Synapse and the full Repertory. 

Repertorise more efficiently and maximise your accuracy with the new Vithoulkas Compass Synapse Workflow!

Repertory v0.9, and newly optimised system Brain 

A new Repertory version with more than 6,000 additions and corrections!

Our team, in collaboration with experienced homeopaths, including members of the growing VC community, has been painstakingly checking and rechecking symptoms and remedy pictures, always confirming the changes with sources and feedback from the experts. 

The VC Repertory is being continuously polished to be the most reliable and the cleanest repertory available. It is the basis of our vision for excellence in homeopathic practice and maximum success rate for our users! 

Repertory v0.9 is the first version which includes substantial input from active VC users who take advantage of VC's functions for the inputting of notes, proposed additions, questions, or remarks related to rubrics.

VC Repertory - the clear standard for successful practice

A new Brain version, optimised for Repertory version 0.9, is now also online, with substantial performance improvements.

Keyboard Control option

Work with VC using your keyboard! Now all frequently used functions in VC can be operated with keyboard shortcuts. Activate keyboard control by clicking on the keyboard sign at the upper right part of the screen and press the F1 key to see the keyboard controls for the active screen. After a few minutes of keyboard practice most members of our development team were hooked. Keyboard operation is faster and more comfortable for many people. 

Video Tutorials 

The VC user manual has been supplemented with video tutorials for all functions in all languages!

To familiarise yourself with the VC functions watch the videos from the 'Videos' area or whenever you are stuck or do not know how a function works, just click on vithoulkas compass at the upper right part of the screen.
The VC dynamic Help window will appear, which now also contains videos related to the situation you are in. An excellent way of mastering all the possibilities in VC!

VC version 2.1 also includes many other smaller improvements in functionality, speed, visual details and mobile operation.

We hope that you will enjoy the new features now present in VC. We are already preparing for the next update, which will come very soon. Till then we will be welcoming your comments, suggestions and general feedback. 

Our work is focused on maximising your success in practice and supporting your skill! 
Everything else comes second!