VithoulkasCompass 3rd Research Bulletin: A historic breakthrough

Monday, November 28, 2016
The VithoulkasCompass Research Team is proud to present its 3rd Homeopathy Research Bulletin!
The Bulletin is available to read or download in our website,
Among the unique research realised in 2016, the team accomplished the, first in homeopathic history, statistical confirmation of a significant part of the repertory, bringing homeopathy closer to an evidence-based model.  Other projects include statistical analysis of depression cases (a follow-up study), a first look at acute cases statistics, and various studies analysing the casetaking process.
VC has been building on what works in homeopathy, and will continue to do so keeping the quality standards as high as possible. Our case database has just crossed the 350,000 line and growing at an accelerating pace due to the success that VC brings to homeopaths of every level of experience all around the world.
We hope you enjoy reading the bulletin and share our enthusiasm about the progress and the results of our work. It is a testament to our vision of investing heavily in advancing homeopathic theory and practice to where they deserve to be.